July 26th, 2015

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Sewing a Dress, Part 3: It simply does NOT work

I have photos for you, but I won't post them until tomorrow. Long story short - the Diamond Dress is a DUD. I have thrown in the towel, because the pattern pieces do NOT fit into each other - and I have photos to prove it. :sigh:

So. I started on the Walk-Away dress. Hearthie kindly sent me the pattern (THANKS again!); she had done some fiddling with it and left the adjustments on the pieces. I gave it a good thought, and decided to keep the adjustments in the bodice (because I know I need to do a FBA, which she had already done); I would cut MY pattern to my size, adding in her adjustments, and see how it went.

Um. 5 muslins later.....it seems that, for whatever reason, this dress fits me almost perfectly right out of the box. :scratches head: I know everyone says the bodice is loos and baggy....not on me. In fact, I had to re-do the armhole; in doing so I got rid of the weird dart that was right there (darts are supposed to point to the apex of your bust - the nipple. This one? Pointed 1" ABOVE my bust. :weird:) The french dart things end right AT the apex, so I'm keeping them there. On this version, anyway. :lol:

I cut a 16 of the front and back, and a 22 of the circle skirt. My collar bone matches the size 16 bust size, my waist matches the size 18....but my butt is a wee bit larger than the 22 hip. :sigh: It means I'll need to either gather or pleat the skirt into the waistband (in other words, ease it in. :lol:), but that's not too hard. (For the muslin, I took 2 pleats, one on either side of the mid-back seam.) I think I'll still have to do a couple of small tucks in the neckline - on the muslin, it gapes a bit. Not much, but enough that I don't like it.

Other than that, the fit is GOOD. Not perfect, but a) it's my first dress, and I want to WEAR it NOW and b) I'm pretties sure I'll figure out ways to fix it as I get more experience. The muslin is wearable (or....it was before I re-did the front. Only, I only cut it a little past my waist, because I was testing the re-drawing of the armholes. SO.....I have a mini-skirt in front. :lol:) (Well, and if you ignore the fact that the muslin is see-thru. :shock:)

So, my "real" fabrics are washed and ironed.....why am I here posting instead of cutting? Because I am SCARED to cut the actual fabric. :sigh: It's only $3/yard fabric; the dress will only cost me $15 if it bombs. Which it shouldn't, since the muslin fit.

Oh, my new shears? ROCK. I LOVE them - best $10 I've spent in a long time! :lol: I'm honestly considering picking up another pair next time I'm out that way - they are great!

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