July 30th, 2015

me: portrait

Photos (finally!)

Hearthie poked me, so here are a few photos of the finished dress. I don't have any "action" shots yet - I am planning on wearing it out and about tomorrow - so you're stuck with closeups on Cat. :lol:

I...need to work on my finishing skills. The bias tape worked out OK (I need to work on THAT, as well, but this was made basically freehand. I found :oops: a bias tape maker stashed deep in the drawers last night....:sigh: I'll use it NEXT time.), but the sewing on of it...well, it needs work.

Herself suggested I mix the bias tape - use green on the print, and print on the green. I did...but I wasn't as accurate as I'd like on the transitions:

walkaway shoulder

walkaway other shoulder

Not horribly bad for a first attempt....but I want to do better! The neck looks OK, but there's a bit of a bobble...not sure what's going on there. Again, it looks OK.....I just need more practice.

walkaway neck

And the buttons on the waist:

walkaway buttons

I'm not sure I'm happy with them - they are OK, they were in the stash, but....I kinda wanted blue domes. I'll keep looking - but these work.

Tuesday saw the dress finished, and some tops for Herself begun. I traced the pattern and cut it out of some UGLY poly knit that a friend of Mom's gave her...it's...um. This fabric will still be here after Armageddon - it's pretty much obviously synthetic. :lol: It was an ugly brown, and felt like old support hose. :ick: Still, it worked to fit the tanks, which is what matters, right?

sewing tank tops

sewing tank on C

She hasn't taken the boho one off since I finished it. (!!) (She was in the middle of a game with Himself, and Not Happy that I wanted a photo. :lol:) *I* need to do some reading and some practice - the boho and flame fabrics rolled like a hippy at Woodstock, and the necklines and armholes look...well.....Not Good. I have enough of both fabrics left for at least 1 more tank, so I'll do some reading and playing with the ugly stuff before trying again. SHE likes them, which is really what counts, but *I* am not happy with them.

Next up: The 1944 House Dress from Decades of Style. I traced the pattern last night, and will start the muslin later today. I *need* a few things that FIT, so that's why I seem to be fixated on sewing right now. I plan on tweaking my weekly routine - Right now I work/school in the AM, 12 - 3 is hobby time (knitting/sewing/reading), 3-ish - 5 is dinner prep/house tidy, and after dinner is family/hobby (depending on what the family wants to do. Lately the kids and SG have been gaming together (TF2), so *I* get to play with fabric.) I want to designate a specific day for each thing - I just need to figure out what days work best for what hobby.

Need to go hang the laundry out before it gets any hotter!

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