July 31st, 2015

me: portrait

Blather and a photo!

Photo first, or it didn't happen, right? :lol: Here I am, in my Walk Away glory:

Walkaway dress worn

Sorry about the quality - Herself has never used my camera on the phone before, and it is SUNNY out. Still, I wore it and got a lot of compliments, so...it's all good! :lol:

Now, a slight rant: I have spent YEARS thinking I couldn't sew. YEARS. Why? Because almost every time I tried to make an item of clothing, it didn't fit. *I* thought that if I chose the pattern according to my measurements, cut the pattern according to "my" size, and sewed it up carefully, then I'd end up with something that a) looked like the picture on the pattern envelope and b) FIT similarly to the way it fit the model.


Now, I know all about the tricks knitwear designers use to make their sweaters look like a million bucks - ever notice how the models are usually in a 3/4 view, or you only see the front, or somehow you can't quite see how the neckline actually looks? It's because the item didn't FIT, so they clothes pinned/safety pinned the excess and posed the model so you didn't see the "fix". I knew all that, but never translated that to sewing pattern designers...I guess because I thought they had a higher standard or something.

Imagine my surprise when I started reading the vintage sewing books - Every Single One of them has a chapter (or chapterS) on fitting a pattern to YOU. I.......OK, I knew about muslins, but I thought you only used them when you were doing something drastic - maybe you fell outside the pattern's range, or maybe you were changing the neckline/waist/sleeves/whatever; not that EVERYBODY needs to use a muslin to make sure the pattern will make a garment that fits *you*.

:sigh: I am SO mad at all the money I've spent on sewing books.....NONE of which mentioned this. It took a cheap, vintage book to open my eyes.....let's not discuss how many more books I have since acquired. Or how many Craftsy classes are now on my wish list (I have purchased 2. So far. 1 on pattern grading, so I will no longer be at the mercy of pattern sellers gouging me on prices on vintage patterns, and 1 on doing bust adjustments, because........that gets a paragraph of it's own....)

Yeah, that's ANOTHER thing I didn't know - most pattern companies design patterns based on a B cup. Now....I honestly don't know of ANY women in real life, who've had children, who have a B cup. (If YOU do, please re-measure yourself - google "Reddit bra fitting" for how, because I can almost assure you that you are wearing a too small cup). I was told for YEARS that I was barely a C cup - and I have been measured by "professionals" many many many times. *1* time in the last 16 years was I told I was larger - this by a lady who sold upscale bras. I had just had a baby, so I figured it was just that the boob fairy hadn't been by to take back the excess.....um, no. She measured me as a "FF"..which is the same as a "H"...which is what I measure NOW. :bangs head:

I have been wearing a "C"...which is only 3" difference in the under bust and full bust measurement. *I* measure *8"*......and I'm wondering if a lot of the breast cancer issues isn't caused by trying to cram too much tissue into too small of a cup...... :big sigh:

Anyway...there is NO way a pattern will fit *me* right out of the envelope. And no one ever told me that this was a common issue.....all those wasted years. :sigh: I am trying to make up for it now, let me tell you!

Enough ranting - I have to do my Shabbat cleaning. Shabbat Shalom - see ya on the flip side!

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