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August 17th, 2015


Just a quick one... 09:29 am
since SG took today and tomorrow off. It means that *I* won't get much done....ah, well. He goes back to work on Wednesday, so I'll have 3 days to do whatever I want to do.

Photos! Here's the 2 shirts I finished yesterday:

shirt - plaid tank

shirt - cherry top

I'm wearing the plaid one today, and will wear the cherry one tomorrow. They're super-simple tops - just 4 pieces (5 with sleeves). Maybe 2 hours to sew up? (A little longer on the sleeveless one; bias tape and I are NOT friends. My machine has a foot that supposedly attaches the tape - both sides at the same time! - but I've not tried it out yet. I think I need to...because there are a few more of these planned. They are shapeless, but nice and cool, and cute to boot.

I want to do 2 more dresses this week....then I can start fitting a pair of culottes. I want a pair in the green I used as the yoke on these tops - that'll give me 2 coordinating outfits. I want to buy some more of the cherry fabric - I would like a sleeveless version, and a pair of culottes/skirt to match. Then maybe I can find a coordinating blue......lots of ideas, just need to find the cash and the time.

SG is in, so gotta run. Laters!

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