August 28th, 2015

me: portrait

Happy Sabbath, y'all!

I DID get the muslin cut out yesterday, but chickened out before sewing it up. I'll get to it Sunday - today is clean-up day. (Every Friday is clean-up day, to prepare for the Sabbath. Works for us, even if it does mean I "lose" a day crafting-wise. :shrug:)

SG asked me to make him a reusable lunch bag, which is surprising. He's not one to normally like homemade stuff. I'll work on that Sunday, too.

Yesterday the 'fridge went out - the water in the door decided it needed to run. Constantly. It's under warranty - thank God! - and they'll be out Monday to look at it. At least my kitchen floor is clean now. :lol:

Gotta run - SG just called with some CL stuff. Later!

ETA: He had found an ad for a small kitchen island, a smallish crock pot, a desk chair, and a queen size futon mattress - for FREE. It had to be picked up before 4 today.....he said "Well, I can get off early, but by the time I get the truck and get back to Dallas, it'll be after - " I cut him off "Um - the truck is HERE, and so am I. I have the keys in hand - call them and tell them I am on the way."

It took a bit of effort to get the mattress in the back seat of the truck, but Herself and I did it. Granted, our futon is a full-size....but it works. It's MUCH more comfy than the original mattress.....and did I mention, it was free???? :lol:

Need to go punch the bread down - Shabbat Shalom!

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