September 2nd, 2015

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State of the Fiberaddict.....

:sigh: I have found my knitting mojo again. I had lost it, for a bit, and sewed instead. But...sewing, while creative, isn't as zen as knitting is. It doesn't serve the same purpose.

2015 vanilla sock overview

Last week was shopping. I wanted something mindless to knit - the 2 socks in progress I currently have going are NOT mindless. 1 has charts and beads, the other is an easy pattern, but it hurts to work it. (You YO, then knit 2, then pass the YO over the 2 stitches, basically wrapping them. Easy, hurts my wrists to try and pull the YO over the stitches. NOT mindless, in other words.)

I went to the sock yarn stash, and grabbed the first multi-color ball I saw. I have no idea what yarn this is, but it doesn't matter. It's sock weight, it's colorful, and the yarn will do all the work - I can just knit mindlessly. And I have needed that, this past week.

There has been a lot of arguing, this past week. A lot of angst. Most of it caused by selfishness - but it doesn't matter. This sock has helped me calm down, and stay sane.

2015 vanilla sock

It has helped me focus my thoughts, and be able to actually discuss things, instead of screaming about them. These socks have helped me remember that some things, when done, STAY done. And that progress is made 1 stitch (or step) at a time. :sigh:

They haven't removed the stress, but they have helped me deal with it productively.

And they are turning into a pretty colorful pair of socks, to boot. Which is a plus. :grin:

The dress is in time out right now. I have the front and back sewn together, the pocket facings attached and pressed, and the inset sewn to the pocket backs. I started pinning 1 in....but stopped because I'm still not sure it's going to work. I'm letting it think about things....and I am knitting. Slowly, things will improve.

(Oh, and for those of you who have bought into the idea that "true love" means No Have you got a LOT to learn! (Yes, SG has that mindset. It's FUN to deal with....NOT. People will disagree. It's a fact of life. Put your ego aside and try to see the other point of view. :shrug:)

Back to knitting - I have a sock to finish!

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