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September 7th, 2015


Happy Monday!! 10:24 am
We have had an....interesting weekend. Friday, we ran to pick up/drop up work. Himself noticed it was "Force Friday" - the day when ALL the new lines of Star Wars merchandise was released - and asked if we might be able to stop at Toys R Us. Sure! So, off we went.

He didn't find anything he HAD to have, so we started to head out....and he came to an abrupt stop. "Mom! It's OUT!" "Um....what's out?" "Disney Infinity 3.0!" "Um...GameStop didn't TELL me! We need to stop!"

See, back in May we had put a deposit down on the just announced 3.0. With STAR WARS characters. GameStop is usually really good about notifying me of release dates.....but not this time. Last I had heard (3 weeks or so ago), it was looking like December. NOT August 30 (which was the actual release date. :sigh:)

Long story short, Himself had just enough money to pay off the game, and we took it home. I told the kids, do your chores early and you can go ahead and start playing it......they did. :lol:

We have spent the entire weekend (and part of this AM, before school), playing 3.0. Yes, the ENTIRE family. It's a 2-player game, so we've been swapping out...but. IF you have 2 consoles and 2 copies of the game you can network and play 4-player co-op. We have the 2 PS3's.....looks like we'll be getting another copy of the game on payday. :lol:

I stink, but I've managed to level up Ahsoka to Level 11. Herself has focused on Iron Man (because, see, you can play ALL the current Disney characters in 3.0. So, we've had some interesting combos...) - he's almost level 20. Himself likes Anakin, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, while SG has been messing around with the various other characters (Wreck It Ralph vs. Darth Vader in a boss fight. It was HYSTERICAL!)

This is our first version of Infinity - I like it. There's a toy box mode where basically anything goes - any and all characters can interact, you can set up battle areas to level up faster, you can explore.....at one point this AM, Himself had set up an arena to level up Black Widow. He put in an enemy spawn button; the idea was that Black Widow or Ironman would press the button to spawn more enemies. Only.....he had it set to spawn Clone troopers, 6 at a time. He and Herself were busy fighting, and the enemies kept coming. He couldn't figure out WHY there were over 100 troopers...so he worked his way over to the button, and discovered that some of the troopers had decided the spawner was an enemy...and they were pressing the button, spawning MORE troopers, who decided it was an enemy, thereby pressing the button again....it was hysterical! :lol: And why Black Widow leveled up so quickly. :rofl:

It's a fun game! Worth the money, but be warned: the characters are about $15/each, unless you take advantage of GameStop's frequent offers. We stocked up on older ones when they ran a buy 1 used/get 1 half off deal. Right now, it's buy 2 used/get *3* used FREE. We...don't need any more older ones right now, so we'll pass - but I WILL be buying Star Wars characters soon. I need Obi Wan, and Yoda, and and and...:lol:

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