October 19th, 2015

me: portrait


Because I still don't have a lot to report. I'm busy, but.....not *busy* busy, if you understand. We're just keepin' on, here...

So, Photos! I have 3 to share:

First up, Socks! DH "stole" these before I had finished the 2nd one. It's OK - I was so OVER them it isn't funny.

2015 crazy stripes socks

Commercial sock yarn, don't remember the brand. Feels decent, the colors looked great in the skein, but knit up? I'm not impressed. I don't like the way they striped - it happens sometimes. SG's happy, so it's all good. :lol:

I've been sewing - I'm putting off working on Himself's Jedi robes. I'm just not.....feeling it right now. I'm going to start on them in the morning, though - there's nothing else I have to do to postpone it. :wry grin: This was the last thing standing in the way - covers for the pressing tools:

cover - sleeve board

The sleeve board. Both sides are covered; I used old towels for the padding. I LOVE how they look and feel now!

cover - ironing board

And my matchy-matchy ironing board. The original cover was the standard blue-and-white stripes; I HATED it. It was....boring. And...for some reason, it offended my sensibilities. I realize that sounds weird, but there it is - I hated using the thing. Now? I love it! Herself says it reminds her of a country cottage...I guess I like cottage-y things. :lol: I do need to pad it - I think I am going to look for an old wool blanket to use.

School is going well. I found a documentary series (it's on YouTube!) called "Engineering an Empire" that we are using alongside the iTunes U course. I thought it was going to be light-weight; it.....well, it is, but it isn't. It's pretty good! Himself is enjoying it, except that each episode is like 1.5 hours. :shrug: There's another series we'll be watching at the end of the year; it's called "Ancient Impossible". I have no idea how good/accurate it is, but hey - it looks fun.

We have to take Bree to the vet tonight; she's got 3 lumps that need to be removed. Surgery is tomorrow AM....I am worried, but I trust our vet. Still...my baby isn't going to be home tonight! She's going to be a basket-case, and so am I.

Not much else to report.....

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