December 13th, 2015

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Update-y thing...

Let's see...this AM I was going to happily report that for my birthday I got a private, non-ICU room for my Dad. Only.....his O2 levels dropped last night, he was put back on the BPAP, and they moved him back to ICU around lunch time today. :sigh:

He's......well, *I* think he had a mini-stroke last night. Yesterday, he was alert, drowsy, sure, but alert, his speech - WITHOUT his top dentures - was understandable, and he was cracking jokes with the nurses. Today? He's...a little out of it, you can't understand what he's saying - and his teeth are *in*. He seems...depressed. :sigh: So.....we're back to tag-teaming the ICU.

I have managed to totally mangle the Sherlock socks. Both of them are imperfect (I'm not quite to the toe of #2, but....yeah, there's a big honking mistake in both of 'em)...and I am going to LEAVE them that way. Life isn't perfect, and while I prefer my socks to be, these? Were both knit in doctor's offices (#1 with Herself, #2 with Dad), and are full of prayers and tears and angst. So.....they will be imperfect, and I will wear them that way. I've got some self-striping yarn up next, and I'll knit a mindless pair - harder to screw up when all I'm doing is knitting. And from the looks of things (I'm trying to stay positive, but y'know...he's 84.), I NEED mindless knitting.

In other news, I've been able to eke out a little sewing time this AM, and Herself's Jedi - excuse me, Dark-sider - tunic is almost done. I don't think the robe will get done - I just don't think I will have the TIME. :sigh: Ah, well - at least she'll have a tunic to wear.

I did get some books for my birthday - Cyn gave me $25, and on the way home from the hospital SG stopped at Half Price. 2 knitting books ("Vintage Knits" and "Sockupied") and 1 sewing book (I think it's "Flat Pattern Drafting" - something like that.) I am Nowhere near ready for it, but knowledge is always useful. SG bought me 1 skein of yarn - I got a free pattern that looks awesome in the yarn the designer used, so...I'll actually do a pair of socks *as written*! How odd is that? :lol:

Think that brings us up to date. Thanks for the prayers - I know they're helping, even if I can't *see* it. :thankful:

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