December 29th, 2015

me: portrait

Quick one...

We're fine! The tornados tore up the SH near us, but veered off before hitting our town. We got lots of wind, very little rain (Saturday, anyway), and - so far as we can tell - no damage. We were lucky!

Sunday was wet and cold. Yesterday was COLD. Today, it's colder. Just what I needed...

My knitting mojo is gone. It'll be back, but for now I simply can't knit. I have been far, all the countertop appliances are covered and I have 2.5 new oven mitts. (Soon to be 3 - just have to cut the batting and lining fabric.) Oh - and I have 2 new aprons. :shrug:

We're easing back into school this week. We've also been obsessing over Star Wars...we'll be back at the theater tomorrow. (Again. :lol:)

The service is Saturday at 11.

Back to my den's COLD outside!

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