January 8th, 2016

me: portrait

Houston, we have Pants!

First up, Cynthia is doing better - thank you! She's home, but still having breathing problems. Still - Home!

Then.....OhMyGosh, y'all, I have PANTS! Please excuse the photos - Herself was not that thrilled to be asked to take photos of my bottom half :rofl: - but I think you can see how they turned out:

2016 Pants block front

2016 Pants block back

I did NO alterations to the pattern - these were made just like the pattern came off of the printer. I traced off the pattern onto the muslin, then added 5/8" seam allowance. I was *very* careful to sew exactly along the pattern line. I did NOT add the zip or the waistband, because this was a fitting exercise only, so the fly isn't perfectly closed in the photo. I used 1 safety pin. :lol: I can sit in them - and I can easily pull the fly closed while sitting! They took about 1 hour to sew up - they'd have been done yesterday, except SG had jury duty, didn't get chosen, came home and said "Let's go!". On the plus side, I have new-to-us chairs in the kitchen now, after 5 years of crappy folding chairs. :happy:

I'd say these are DEFINITELY a win! And I HIGHLY recommend Bootstrap Fashions! (Oh, except the instructions were VERY basic - 1. Sew outside seam. 2. Sew inside seam. 3. Sew crotch seam in 1 go. 4. Attach waistband. :rofl:)(They're a block, so they don't have the ease in them that "real" pants will have. That's why there's a few wrinkles going on in the muslin - they skim the body. Also, the waistband is really level in front - if I'd actually finished them properly, they'd look like real pants.)

I am going to use the pattern to make alterations to my "real" pants patterns. I'm not sure I'll skip the muslin - not at first, maybe - but! To KNOW that I can get pants that FIT without a lot of fiddling and altering patterns is.....is Amazing. And I think I'll be going back and buying some of the other block patterns.....AND some of the fashion patterns, as well. :bounce: There's a couple of sweaters I have my eye on.....just have to find the right weight knit fabric. And some blouses.......and I'm going to set up Herself's measurements, so I can knock clothes out for her....AND I'll set up SG so I can make him some shirts. And maybe pants - but he's got a pretty good...um......beer belly mature man-belly going on. We'll see. :lol:

Shabbat Shalom - have a good one!

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