January 12th, 2016

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Just DO it already....

I read a blog post yesterday that got me thinking - Heather from Closet Case Files basically pointed out it's JUST fabric. Sew it up already! So..it might not be perfect, but hey - it'll still probably fit a little better than RTW, and you'll learn something in the process. I reminded myself that HEY! I have *20 yards* of denim; what's the worst that can happen? I'll "waste" a couple of yards? So. Today I am about to trace off my 1940's overall pattern. I *need* a pair of overalls for around the barn. I have a basic pant pattern that fits well enough that I can ensure these will *fit*.....

And I have a finished pair of PJs I made yesterday. :lol: They started out as Butterick B5667, but the pants looked off, and I was going to have to blend from a M waist to XL (or XXL) hips, back to a M leg. On 2 pattern pieces. I went back to Bootstrap....and bought a custom fit "tapered leg Pajama bottom" pattern (that's the description; the pattern itself says "Tapered Leg Trouser", and you end up with sweat pants. :snicker:). Here, have a couple of photos:

2016 PJ front

2016 PJ Back

The pants FIT. I added the elastic to the ankles, because I *like* that; I also only did 1 row of 3/4" elastic at the waist instead of the 3 rows of 1/4". Because I am lazy, that's why. :lol: The top...fits, but the neckline is a bit larger than I prefer. Still they FIT and they work, and they are WARM. (The fleece was bought the last trip to the Fabric Outlets; Herself took 1 look at it and said "Mom - this is for YOU! Buy it!!!" :rofl: Yes, if it has sheep on it, I'll buy it.)

I got to use my new walking foot on these...I'm not impressed. Not sure if it's the foot or the fabric, but my thread kept shredding. :grrrr: I'll try it on some quilted something next before deciding I hate it. :lol:

So. I'm off to trace a pattern. Then I'll roll off enough fabric to make said pattern, serge the edges, and wash it to make sure it won't shrink when I finish sewing. Then....:gulp!: I will make me a pair of overalls. Or maybe jeans.....I'm thinking maybe I should start with just jeans this time. Less sewing/fitting.......and I need jeans, too. Anyway - I need to Just Do it! :lol:

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