January 18th, 2016

me: portrait


Might want to skip this one, guys - this is where I dump some family angst/stuff. Probably gonna be boring - and probably more personal than some are comfortable with. :shrug: I've always tried to keep it real here...this is probably more "real" than usual. Proceed at your own risk! Comments are open, but NOT required.

Collapse ) If you managed to wade thru all that - Congratulations! Sorry I dumped it on ya...but I DID warn you! I'll try to post something more upbeat next time. Might be a few days - I have work-work to do, and I want to remake the overalls so that I can actually *wear* them. And USE them. Shouldn't be too hard - just need to add another inch or so to each piece of the pants (4 pieces x 1" = 4" of ease. Might do 1.5"....)

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