January 29th, 2016

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Friday Round-up

So. How's YOUR week been? Mine's been...busy. I started on the Bombachas on Monday - I just finished the buttonholes a few minutes ago. Still need to sew on the buttons....but they are in the wash right now. They *fit* - I need to shorten the next pair, and work on my topstitching, but they FIT. Photos later.

I tried them on last night, and asked SG for fitting help. He said OK, so I said, "OK, how do they look? They are too long right now - ignore that! - because they need the cuffs added, and I still need to add the waistband, but.....how do they fit?"

"They are too long". Um...yeah. IGNORE that. "But, they're too long. And they....they blouse out. I don't know what I'm supposed to look at." "I KNOW about the legs. IGNORE THEM. How does my waist/hips/thighs look?" "Well....I dunno. The legs are - " "NO. NO legs. WAIST. How does the waist look?" "But the legs...." :bang head: "DO THEY MAKE MY BUTT LOOK BIG???" "I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking at. The legs..."

Herself had gotten up to get a drink of water, and she stood there shaking her head. At this point, she said "Mom, your butt looks *good*. They are a bit baggier than *I* like, but they look good on you. The waist fits good, too!"

:bangs head: Was that so hard?

So. I have a pair of Bombachas, finally. I need to shorten the pattern about 1" before sewing up another pair, and I want to get some different fabric (this denim is really a bit too heavy for these. They work, but...they could drape a little better. :lol:) Next up, jeans from Bootstrap Fashion. :bounce:

I have to clean up for Shabbat now - see ya on the flip side!

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