February 1st, 2016

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Day late.....

but better late than never, right? Right!

So...bombachas! I was going to post this yesterday, but ran out of time. I was busy trying to finish V.2.0...:lol: They still need the waistband, the ankle cuffs, and the buttonholes - so here, have a few photos of V.1.0:

2016 bombachas front

The front. This is my very first fly waistband! It was easier than I thought - this one's not perfect, but it looks good and it works. I am VERY pleased with it! It's also my first "real" pants, my first belt-loops, and my first in-seam pockets. The pockets need a bit more work, but all-in-all, I am very pleased with these.

2016 bombachas back

The tucks are a little weird; I had to add one because of the extra room in the hips. I deepened the original tucks on V.2.0; we'll see how that looks when I finish them.

2016 bombachas side

The side. Not much to say...:lol:

They are *6"* too long. I remedied that on V.2.0; this pair was sewn as originally drafted (except for the extra width in the hips.) I'm not sure if I want to go back and hack off any length on these; they work just fine, no body stares at me funny...and SG's aunt today thought they looked great (she's always positive, though, so I take that with a grain of salt. :lol:) They are VERY comfortable - and the waist FITS. OK, it's a *little* loose - I have cut the waistband of V.2.0 2" shorter - but it works and doesn't gap like RTW jeans do.

I pulled out a pair of SG's jeans to examine the fly construction, and V.2.0 looks more "real". V.1.0 is fine, though - it looks "real" to normal people - SG's aunt couldn't believe I *sewed my own jeans*. :squee!:

I have 2 more pair planned for me - I need to buy the fabric, first. Stone-washed denim and black, I think. Maybe a pair in corduroy, if I can find some I like at a price point I'm willing to pay.

Next up: Jeans for Herself. I think Bootstrap is going to get a LOT of money from me in the next few months....I have plans. And we need clothes. :rofl:

Off to work on V.2.0!

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