February 5th, 2016

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Shabbat Shalom!

It's been a wild ride, today. Got 1 of the kids' refunds in.....both kids went on a virtual shopping spree. :lol: Herself has bought a TON of plushies (gotta love my Aspie!); Himself has bought 2 video games. The priorities....:lol:

We also hit Sam's Club and JoAnn's, because Herself also needed more yarn. (Why yes - she DID need yarn. *I* only have wool. She uses acrylic :ack:, so...there was no yarn in the house for her. :snicker:)

Hopefully the other kid's refund will hit soon - that's slated to be spent on groceries and clothes for them. (They get SSI from their dad - I have 10% withheld so that we get a nice lump sum once a year. They get a portion of it - that's only fair! - and the rest gets put to use for the household.) Our joint return was filed on Monday.....they claim we'll get the refund within 21 days. We'll see....I get some of that for personal use; I'm thinking about upgrading my serger. Maybe. The Singer is an entry-level machine, and it works....but I can't get the tension perfect and the bloody thing moves around on the table when I'm trying to serge denim. :sigh: I have a LOT of jeans planned - both for me and for Herself - so.....I'm window shopping right now. We'll see.....I haven't fully decided yet.

I hit Bootstrap when we got home....Herself now has a custom-fit skinny jeans pattern, the PJ bottom pattern I have ( but in her size), and underwear. Soon as I can, we'll go fabric shopping and I'll get started on her wardrobe (mine's almost done; I just need 2 more pairs of jeans/bombachas and some underwear and I'll be done. Shirts? I have plenty of geeky graphic tees, so I'm good to go there. Her wardrobe is lacking...so she's up next.

Gotta start dinner! Shabbat Shalom - see ya on the flip side!

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