March 2nd, 2016

me: portrait

Sorry for the Radio Silence....

but I managed to bugger up my wrist - again! - last week. Too much typing for a job. :sigh: We bought me a new brace (can't find any of my others), and I am treating it like a CT flare-up. Fun times.

Needless to say, very little hand-work has been done. I am just past the heel turn on sock #2 (going VERY slowly. I can only knit maybe 10 rounds before having to stop. :big sigh:)....I wanted to wear them to NTIF this weekend, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

Neither is Sunday - it's Himself's 16th, so I am skipping NTIF to spend the day with him. (He quit doing the Festivals last's OK, it's his choice, but.....I don't want him to EVER think a Fest comes before HIM. So....we'll be there Friday and Saturday. :shrug:)

Politics....I am very, very sad for the American people. They need to pull their collective heads out and actually LISTEN to what Drumph is *saying*. (One of his ancestors changed his name from Drumph to Trump. Since he has gone on record saying you should embrace your "real" name...well, I will. :nods:) He changes his stance more often than I change my underwear.......I fear it's either him or sHillary. Neither of which care about we, the people. /enough politics.

Anyway, gotta rest my wrist before school. Laters!

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