March 7th, 2016

me: portrait

Guess who's 16???

Yesterday was the Boy's Birthday Bash (aka B3) - Himself is 16, and SG is...well. 3 x 16 + 6. :lol: Himself is "off" of the Festivals right now, so we ditched NTIF yesterday and spent it with him. At the Lego store. :rofl: It was a good day!

NTIF was fun, but it seemed less crowded than usual. It was enjoyable - as usual! - and I brought someone to the dark side. Clan MacKay's State Convener is now a fledgling knitter. :snerk: And I enabled/encouraged a visitor to just DO it - she said she wanted to knit socks (as she petted my current CashMerino project) but was scared of the heel. I showed her 2 different heel types, told her to go to Ravelry, pick a popular pattern, and just blindly follow it. I also told her it didn't matter if she knit toe-up or top down, flap-and-gusset or one of the many short-row heels, just....go for it. :happy: AND I think we have a new hand-spinner...we'll see.

So. That was my weekend in a nutshell - hope yours was as good!

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