March 17th, 2016

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Weekly update...

since that seems to be my new normal. :sigh: It's not that we're *busy*, it's just....we're busy. Y'know?

This week has been...interesting. SG is now "working from home" on Wednesday. Which means WE won't get a whole lot done. :sigh: He simply doesn't understand our routine - we're home, we're on the couch, therefor we can be interrupted at any given moment. :bangs head: He also doesn't get our free-flowing discussions. :Sigh: Oh, well - thing's'll settle down when we all figure out the new normal.

I've been hit with the need to declutter and clean. It...doesn't happen often :snerk:; I think this was triggered by Dad's house (I STILL need to get to probate...but can't until the IRS lets loose of Himself's refund. Yes, they are STILL holding it hostage. :sigh:) - his house is....BAD. Hoarders, bad. :shudder: I can't do a whole lot here until we get a dumpster ($$, again!), but I am doing my best to take a bag of stuff OUT every day. (I refuse to go into debt for probate - yes, I should get the $$$ back, but.....the house honestly isn't worth a whole lot. It's in....bad shape doesn't cover it. The Ugly house guys probably don't want it, that's how bad it is. I'm honestly not expecting to see the $$ again, that's how BAD it is. Plus...we went into debt to pay the cremation fees. We *might* get those back (I know, we SHOULD - but see house: condition of ) - I just can't take that chance (we only owe on the 2 houses and the car. I would like to keep it that way!)

Anyway, I need to round up today's school stuff. Laters!

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