March 22nd, 2016

me: portrait

Hi! How are ya?

We're here.....sore and tired, but here. Sunday was clean-the-barn-day (again. It's a never-ending chore!), so we're ALL achy. It wasn't as bad as the last time - it's only been, what? 2 months? instead of 7 - but it was still hard, back-breaking labor. I'm going to try to start mucking it every day, like I did when I had horses in the barn. Can't hurt, might help. :shrug:

The house-cleaning is coming along. The kitchen is virtually DONE (still need to declutter 2 cabinets and 2 drawers, but they're behind closed doors. :lol:) as is the dining room. It's today's project - shouldn't be too bad, because I stay on top of it every Friday. Tomorrow is ortho and grocery day, then Thursday I start the Game/Music room. :shudder: My goal is to get the house proper done BEFORE Passover - I have a month, so it's do-able. (THEN the Master bed and bath rooms. :shudder x 10!)

I'm working on setting up a schedule...yes, I've even started setting up a :gasp!: Homekeeping Binder. :hangs head in shame: I have to do SOMETHING - I've let things slide for too long, and I'm out of practice in keeping a routine. I do better with a printed schedule - Homeschool runs smoothly because I have a printed block schedule for every. single. day. I...think I need to get something similar set up for the house. GET them clean, then keep on top of's the keeping on top of that I have a problem with. :sigh:

Speaking of school, it's time to start - laters!

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