April 4th, 2016

me: portrait

Been Quiet here...

thankfully. Quiet is GOOD. Busy, too - I've been cleaning like a madwoman. The house needed it...I have about 1/2 of my part of the bedroom and the Studio to go. :whew!:

I have been sewing - I made another apron. When I was a young bride, MIL told me that every woman needed at least 7 every day aprons, and at least 2 "for good" aprons. I nodded while rolling my eyes, because APRONS???? Who the heck wore an APRON? Not me, that's for sure!

Until now. Now that I've been home full-time for a while, I'm embracing my inner '50's Housewife (NO heels and pearls here, though! :lol:). Aprons are SO useful! I have 4 in rotation - 1 that MIL made me (in a cute vintage sheep-print fabric) and 3 that I've made....including this newest one:

2016 cupcake apron front

2016 cupcake apron back

The pattern is Rebecca Ruth Designs #RRD 304 (um....I'm sure those that know me IRL will figure out WHY I had to have this particular pattern. :wink:) It was an easy project - except for the rick-rack (which I now know I loathe with a passion!). I had to shorten the bib by 2".....it now fits! And it's cute, to boot! :lol:

I have a few more aprons in the queue to do...just need to find the perfect fabric. Herself has requested an over-the-top frilly one...so I need to whip that up for her. :lol:

Not much else to report - Oh! We have 6 chicks in the studio right now. :Sigh: I HATE raising chicks, but Herself asked and the feed store owner gave me a really, really good deal. What do you do? Me? I buy the stinking chicks. :lol:

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