April 27th, 2016

me: portrait

:taps mic: Is this thing ON?

:snicker: So. How's it been? We've been good - it's Spring Break around here, so it's been pretty lazy. I have most of next year scheduled out.....well, sort of. I have History thru September, then I need to find something else. Ditto Science - we did Physics this year.....Himself's 10th grade year. We've done General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry and now Physics...where do I go from here? He's got 2 years to go......we're brainstorming.

For History, we're revisiting World History via a Great Courses course. I need to come up with something meaty for the rest of the year, though.....:sigh: We LOVED the "History of Architecture" course - it was more THRU instead of "OF", which made it so much better! Need to see what else is out there...

We're going to be doing a course called "Approaching Shakespeare", which sounds incredible. We'll see.....

And of course....Calculus. :shudder: I'm.....I'm pretty sure we'll be doing 2 years of it, like we did Trig. I want to make absolutely SURE he's "got" it. We'll start with Life of Fred, then do the Great Courses series. IF we still have time (2 years, remember?) we'll go thru Khan Academy - he's learned a LOT of Trig from them. :nods:

I need to call a bunch of vultures "we buy ugly houses" folks - I need to set up some appointments. We go to court May 10 to get me in as Executor.....I want to be able to close on the house quickly. Folks, y'all have NO idea how BAD the house is. I don't mean bad as in dirty, needs a little fixing up. I mean BAD as in the den Dad added has collapsed and needs to be bulldozed, the garage is starting to pull away from the house, the floors are trashed BAD. I'm hoping to get 50% of what the tax assessor claims it's worth - yes, that means it's not worth much, but honestly? There's NO WAY I can sell it except for this one. (If any of my half-sibs are reading this - I'm serious. I will GLADLY send you photos if you want proof - Dad refused any and all help. We tried - we even offered our almost paid off Home Improvements Visa to repair a water leak, and got told off. :sigh: I'm honestly not sure if he even had water the last few years......he says he did, but....I don't know.)

Anyway.....I need to pay bills and decide if we can grocery shop today or not. It's still the week of Matza, so I can't buy a lot of stuff - no leavening is allowed! :lol: We'll probably just pick up the necessities today, and do a full shop sometime next week. "Full" being relative....:lol:

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