April 28th, 2016

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Well...THAT was interesting...

Yesterday I made a few calls. 1 guy said "I want to be either the first or the last person to look at the house, because I WANT to buy the house!" :snerk:

Well. We met. I told him I wanted a little over half the tax value, but that I KNEW it wouldn't fly. He pointed out the garage wall, the floors, the probable lead paint...the den that needs to be bulldozed (at least it's on a concrete slab!), the old water heater, the roof...and offered 1/3. I said, well...I WANT 1/3 + 10 (half of the tax value, actually), but I'll take 1/3 + 8. He stopped, looked at me, and said "Deal."

So. IF the title is clear (should be - we haven't received anything from the city on the house, and the mortgage was paid off in the '90's), we will close on 5/12. (Please pray! I can't do anything TO the house to make it more salable, and honestly? This is probably as good an offer as we'll get.) (AFTER the court date. I have been told - numerous times! - that this is legal. I hope so......the thought of something happening to the house before we can sell it keeps me up at night.)

I really wish I could do more.....but honestly? Can't. The guy thinks it'll take 4 roll-off dumpsters to remove all the....stuff. No, it's not worth much - we had a "picker" come in and take a look. HE wouldn't offer anything for it....which tells you a lot, doesn't it? (I am in the middle of de-cluttering. :shudder:)

Anyway. I have hopes that this, at least, is taken care of. The title company has already sent me some paperwork to fill out, so that's good, right?

Gotta get back to dinner! Laters!

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