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May 9th, 2016


Happy Monday!! 07:18 am
Hope y'all had a nice Mother's Day - I got to split and stack firewood! (I WANTED to, y'all. We need firewood for winter - even a mild one.) We have about 1 week's worth done; we need to do more. Fortunately, the county cut trees down our street last month, so I can go gather more wood. (Do they do that in other states? Here, every year the power company sends crews out to clear the lines. The tree-cutters cut the logs to fireplace length, and stack them neatly on the side of the road for anyone to pick up. Free wood - works for me!)

SG and the kids took over the morning stables (I had taken them over during Spring Break; the kids need the extra sleep and I don't mind.) then took me to lunch. He also bought me a new leather jacket - think Black Widow. :lol: Wilson's was having a major sale - the jacket was ply $39. Solid, real leather. :blink:

I think it was to "make up" for Saturday....see, I wanted to do lunch then instead of Sunday - less crowds. We hit Woodcraft first...and the ShopSmith people were there. We just so happen to have a ShopSmith - a 1969(ish) Anniversary edition that needs to be looked at. (The motor has 2 wires that came loose, and he can't figure out which pole is which.) I got to talking to the demonstrators.....long story short, he ordered a rebuild kit and will soon have a working ShopSmith (if you're not familiar with ShopSmith - look them up! Short version: a multi-tool. The new models are 7-in-1; ours is 5-in-1. Takes up less space in your shop, and works well.)

Saturday was also Free Comic Book Day, and we hit the "local" Comic store. They had an artist there....my art wall has 1 new frame, now. (And 1 on order. :lol:) He's doing BB-8 for me; we bought a cute chibi-style Avengers piece with Thor, Cap, and Iron Man. One of these days I'll get a photo of the wall for y'all....

Oh! Herself bought me a pair of shoes! This is BIG for her - normally she grunts "Happy Mother's Day" in my general direction and later presents me with a(nother) pair of earrings (which I love, don't get me wrong, but I have...plenty of earrings now. :lol:) This year? She saw a pair of shoes on my eBay watch list and told me to order them, using her debit card. :blink: They haven't *gotten* here yet, but - she bought me shoes!!!

Anyway. SG's off all week..so we'll be all sixes and sevens around here. I need to get ready for school - laters!

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