May 13th, 2016

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Update thingy...

So. We closed yesterday, but the buyer hadn't sent the wire at the time we met. They DID send the wire last night; I am heading out to pick up the checks at 1:30. Then it's on to my brother, the Post Office, and the Bank! :whew!:

All that's left is to sell the lake lot (but that's divided between us, not us and the half-sibs, so that's a little less urgent.)....that's on the plate for next week. Hopefully.

I smell of cinnamon and brown sugar - tomorrow is Scottish Fest, and SG volunteered my cinnamon rolls. :rofl: No biggie - the KitchenAid looked at the 8 cups of flour (I doubled the recipe) and laughed as it kneaded up the most gorgeous ball of sweet dough. I have 4 trays of rolls in the 'fridge right now; I'll get up early, let them rise in a warm oven, then bake them. And make the icing....:mmmmmmm:

We have to go get lunch, so laters! Shabbat Shalom!

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