June 7th, 2016

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State of the Fiberaddict.....

H, tell your fan Thank You from both me and Herself. :smile: She is STILL giggly....I think I see a LOT of costuming in our future!

Her Bernina is supposed to be ready tomorrow - we'll hopefully be picking it up on Friday. Hope so - I have lots of yardage I need to get....brown twill and black, for the boys. And Herself has planned a Springtrap bound....SHE is going to be sewing that. I told her I would sew up the Iron Man dress, but after that SHE has to do it. I'll help, but......:evil grin: I'm hoping that the one fabric store was able to buy the Estate that he told us about.....Quilting Cotton. I have PLANS, y'all! :fingers crossed: (And yes, I do have fabric...but I've just about sewed up all that we bought last time. I haven't touched the denim or wool, but...those are long-term projects. The cotton? Is all gone. The shiny stuff? Is up next-ish (Iron Man).....and the silk. Well, it sits, but - it's SILK. :lol: I need to stock up now while I have funds - once SG's job is gone, money will be quite tight. I'm trying to plan ahead.)

Yesterday was eye exam day. Herself still has 20/20, Himself's prescription changed marginally in 1 eye (but I ordered him new glasses anyway. Hey, we HAVE insurance right now, let's USE it, right?), and my distance vision changed a little, but the close up (the dreaded bi-focal!) changed more than I expected. I went from +1.25 to +2.00. :sigh:

I ordered Himself's from the optometrist, but they said that our insurance didn't pay well on progressives, so when we got home I hit Zenni Optical. 2 pairs of progressives - 1 regular, 1 sunglasses - for $126. That's......pretty good, actually. :lol: (No, Zenni doesn't pay me - I am just a VERY happy customer!) It would have been right under $100, but I just couldn't do cheap frames for everyday - I bought the same green ones I am currently wearing. ($27.95) and I got the upgraded lens treatment ($14.95). :shrug: Why not?

Today is run to Cyn's to drop off work day. Tomorrow is stay home and hopefully clean the doe barn day, Thursday is stay home and wait for Home Depot day.....we have a busy week! At least it gives me time to sew up my top - I have it to the point that it's ready to be assembled. Let's hope it fits well, because then I can crank out a few more. :lol:

Need to get back to school - Himself is almost done with Math. Laters!

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