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July 18th, 2016


Update thingy... 03:29 pm
OK. Let's do a list:

1. We almost lost MIL last week. Tuesday they gave her morphine and something else for pain, but her kidneys had decided to go on strike. She started tanking and they had to give her the drug that counteracts overdoses....and she got lost in la-la land. It was seriously touch-and-go for a bit; my SIL flew in because she was so worried, and BIL (finally!) came up. We had a meeting with the palliative care department on Saturday, because they were concerned.

2. FIL was sent to the Rehab center last Wednesday. Saturday SIL "kidnapped" him and brought him to the hospital because we were concerned; MIL woke up a wee bit. She was a bit better Saturday; enough so that she told the nurse that she had a DNR and to NOT do anything heroic.

3. We took yesterday off; SIL was there to keep up with stuff and honestly? *I* needed a break. Plus, MIL's sister came into town and....I couldn't deal.

4. Today Herself and I headed to the hospital. MIL had been moved from ICU (moved there Wednesday) to a REGULAR ROOM! last night. We walked in, and we had been granted a miracle - she was AWAKE, she was giving the nurse hell, and the PT showed up to get her walking so she can go to the Rehab center with FIL. Praise God!!!!!

5. FIL was taken off of the oxygen today! We'll be kidnapping him tomorrow after lunch to go the hospital - and the PT at the center has set it up so we can do it every day. MIL NEEDS that, and so does he. :happy dance:

So. We're not out of the woods yet, but we can breathe a bit easier now. :praise God!:

In other news, yesterday I knocked out a set of PJs. I finished the swimsuit last.....Wednesday, while waiting for SIL's plane to land. I need to do more stuff, but it's OK - we're not as panicked right now.

I'll try to check in later this week!

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