October 19th, 2016

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Our State Fair is a...

decent Fair. Good, maybe. But. :sigh:

We went today. Normal gate price is $16/each; on Wednesday if you bring 4 canned goods you get a voucher for $12/off. Guess what we did? :lol: So. $4/each - not too bad, honestly.

One of the things *I* was excited about was this year's special exhibit. It was Michelangelo, the Sistine Chapel - it's the first International tour, and Dallas was the 1st stop on said tour. The news was all aflutter about it, and it *looked* wonderful. Um.....yeah.

Before anyone else gets excited, let me tell you about it. It has a separate charge from the fair entry (which, honestly, isn't too abnormal.) - here, it was $8. I do NOT think it is worth the $8! I grumbled, but paid - $32 + $0.50 fee for the 4 of us. SG paid $6 for the souvenir book. We went on in.....

It consists of SCREEN PRINTS of the frescos. SCREEN PRINTS. Set up so that the flow is broken - they've divided up the frescos and set them up...but there is a lot of space in between them, and.....well, it kinda ruins the exhibit, IMNSHO. You start out IN the exhibit...there is a semi-educational video that runs constantly; the host tries to be hip, but fails. Miserably. And he mispronounces Michelangelo's name (MIKE instead of MICK), and de Medici (Medichee) becomes Medisy. :bangs head: I quit listening at that point......he mentions La Pieta, but doesn't EXPLAIN it - which.......would have upped the educational value of the video immensely. :sigh:

i wanted to enjoy it....but I didn't. And I can't really recommend it, either. I mean......OK, it was cool to see the frescos at life-size, and close up (because they are at ground-level instead of on the ceiling), but.....it's choppy, it's cheap screen prints (the altar piece.......whoever took the photos didn't move the candlesticks from in front of the frescos.....so there are candles. With shadows. It...kind of ruins the mood, y'know?)....VERY disappointing.

If you do get to go, please - do some research on the frescos first (so you'll know what you're seeing! And how it fits, historically!), and don't get too fired up. The Great Courses "How to Look At and Understand Great Art" goes into a lot of detail on Michelangelo and his works; it would be well worth it to try and find that before you go. iTunes U has a course on the History of Architecture that has a few lessons on him and his art which is also a good resource. (The Great Courses is my first choice).

The Fair itself was OK. Herself got a jellyfish encased in resin that's kind of cool; the midway was a waste of time. So were the auto exhibits....the Arts and Crafts were kind of neat, but.......I'm glad we got in for $4. :lol:

The electrician was here when we got home, which was surprising. Hopefully he'll get a lot done...I want to move the rest of my stuff in so Herself can get HER space set up!

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