November 11th, 2016

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the Lord moves in mysterious ways, y'all! SG has noticed the water bill going up the past few months. Wednesday evening, he came in and noticed a puddle near the laundry room door, in the garage studio. So, we did some investigating....and discovered a MAJOR problem. The laundry room floor had water bubbling up from under the laminate, as did the kitchen and dining room. :sigh:

Friday AM I called the plumber while SG called the insurance. Both of us were afraid of a slab leak.......but it HAS to be fixed. Plumber came out.....after a few hours of searching, we discovered that - good news! - it's not a slab leak. Bad news - it was somewhere in the wall behind/near the dishwasher.

A few more hours later, the plumber had deconstructed the cabinet next to the dishwasher. The leak? Was a tiny hole in the main line; it looks like the builders - 13 years ago! - drove a nail/screw into the copper pipe, and it finally rusted through. :sigh:

The dishwasher is/was sitting in 2" of water. The slab under the flooded. The family room had water sloshing up in between the laminate's a MESS.

The adjuster has NOT been out yet. Someone is coming out soon (within the hour, supposedly) to try and dry out the floors, and remove any/all wet laminate. :snerk: I suspect I'll end up on the slab in the laundry, dining, and family rooms and kitchen, because you can feel the floor squelching under your feet....and the smell! :sigh:

The plumber said I'll get new cabinets, and should replace the dishwasher. He also said the floors will have to be replaced.......I am NOT looking forward to this, but it's got to be done.

SO not looking forward to Thanksgiving......:sigh:

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