May 23rd, 2019

me: portrait

Been a while..

let's see:

1. Friend of family passed; SIL and her cousin came down and spent a week with us. Busy, crowded, but fun. They left the day before

2. Comic Con! It was a blast. Herself met her favorite MHA voice actor - he's sweet. They all are. We spent far too much time standing in line, but it was worth it.

3. It's kidding season here! 7 so far (1 more doe to go) - the totals are currently:

4 girls and 3 boys. We've had 3 sets of twins (g/g, b/b, and g/b) and 1 single (g). So far, no major interventions have been needed - fingers crossed the last one goes as easily.

4. Been sewing. Have made some hip purses - I saw one at the Con, and realized how useful they are. I dusted off the embroidery machine, and have made a few for the shop - just need to get more hardware so I can finish them and get them posted. Thinking about maybe making some geeky reusable shopping bags....we'll see. They're easy and I need more, anyway......

5. Mom had cataract surgery on 1 eye; the other eye is due to be done mid-June. Fun stuff! At least I had my knitting.....:lol:

6. We were approved for an Ag Exemption! Taxes next year will be a bit easier to bear - Thank the Lord! I'm still scrambling, trying to pay THIS year's amount. :sigh: (Don't ask. NSDH is....never mind. Seems all our financial problems are my fault, somehow.....:sigh:)

Ive got 7 hungry goatlings - later!

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