July 24th, 2019

me: portrait

and once more, into the breach....

i got a call yesterday morning (7:40 AM!!!) from the hand specialist. went in.......he's even LESS impressed with our ER. Not only should they have surgically cleansed me, and x-ray'd me, they SHOULD NOT have stitched me. at all. the wounds should all have been left completely open to drain. :sigh:

he didn't like the top bite. he opened it up right there in the office and did a quick cleaning......it's draining a lot, now - both blood and yellow-ick.

i am now in a soft, below-the-elbow cast. i have orders to take it off 3x/day to wash my arm.....and i have been ORDERED to knit. oh happy day! granted, it hurts like h**l, but - knit! it took me 20 minutes to knit 2 rounds last night (144 stitches)....i am supposed to work my arm so that when he sees me again on Friday (for those playing along, that will doctor visit #4 for this week) he can see how improved i am. NO sling - which is kinda sad - Herself helped me make one Sunday afternoon. ah, well.

he's not sure about the nerve. it's not destroyed, because i do have some movement and reduced sensation; worse case it's been torn/split. it might just be the swelling - in any case, it will make no difference in outcome if he did surgery now vs. surgery in a month, should surgery be needed. :whew:

i can't flip my hand over - at all, due to pain. i can't spread my fingers very far apart, but i CAN make a fist. it hurts - tear-inducing, in fact - but that's good.

friday we should know more. hopefully, it'll be good news.

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