July 26th, 2019

me: portrait

well, no news

is good news, right? doc looked at bites, said they looked good, did the pressure-test-thingy (i'm still at the high end of normal), and told me to come back next Friday for new x-rays and - probably - a real cast. whee! i am bruised, slightly swollen, and my pinkie and ring fingers feel full of novocain. :shrug: we wait and see, now.

apple replaced my watch - but didn't give me a band. :scratches head: oh, well - herself bought me one, so soon as the watch finishes updating i can strap it on my right wrist and go. i've missed it - i've gotten used to getting notifications on my wrist without needing to look at the phone.

so, that's where we are at.....Friday i should maybe know something.

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