October 3rd, 2019

me: portrait

well....this is going to be interesting!

let's see....a lot has happened over the last..2 weeks or so. himself decided he wanted to work on cars - i think i mentioned that. he replaced my stereo (excuse me, "head unit"), then this past sunday he installed the backup camera. works a treat!

we did a run to mom's. on the way there, he started kvetching about how he was going to be bored now, and he wanted to do something with cars. the husband had talked to his dad about having himself work on his dad's vast collection of collectible bugs, but - as usual with the husband - nothing further was decided. anyway...on the way home, we passed a house with an older model jeep cherokee out front with "for sale" written on the windshield. we stopped, talked....$500. NO motor - it was blown. body in decent shape, interior in good shape - just needs a headliner. all the motor parts are there.......

i heard a goat, so i jokingly asked if they needed another one. free. they said sure! so we said we'd bring biff back after feeding. off we went to discuss.

fed the critters, packed up biff. himself and i discussed, decided ok, this was a good project car. dropped off the goat, told them we were interested, but needed to get the funds....and the husband took $100 off because we gave them a goat. :blink:

so. tuesday we ran to the bank then to their house, and himself is now the proud owner of a $400 (+ 1 goat) jeep. yes, it'll be a ton of work. yes, he's aware - but he WANTS to do this. so, he's going to start with the small stuff- replace the lights/headliner/etc, then start breaking down the engine. he's excited - this is good. very good.

only thing - it's a 5-speed. it's been 30 years since i've attempted to drive a stick......at least i have time. :lol:

today is errand day - hope you have a good one!

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