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Musings on tatting

since there seems to be interest out there :cue "Twilight Zone" music: :g:

mantofev - Tatting is fun, and it's pretty easy once you figure out exactly what you're supposed to do. I tatted 3 rings this morning before work (and - they're attached to each other! Whoo!); it's fast and pretty mindless.

Basically, you make a loop over your left hand, and tie knots using the shuttle (or needle - from what I can tell, it's the same basic idea). The weird thing (to me, anyway) is that you tie the knot with the shuttle yarn, then "flip" it onto the that the shuttle yarn becomes the base and the loop is the knots. :blink: Once you get the "flip" in your head, it's easy....but that's where I kept getting stuck.

oakenking - Jump on in - the water's fine! :g: I don't recommend the book I bought - "Tatting" by Bernadette Baldelli. The pictures and explanations leave a bit to be desired (at least for ME.) I screwed up 6 rings before throwing the shuttle across the room and hitting the 'net. The explanation of a chain involves 2 shuttles, and adding on to an existing ring.....which is confusing (again, to me).

Carrie Carlson's site has really really good drawings and explanations - I actually got it the first time I did it. (Oh - and she has downloadable videos, too!) has videos - but they moved too fast for me. (for some reason I can't get it to come up....I googled "tatting + video" and it was hit #1 or #2) YMMV. :g:

And, if you have it or can get it, the "Reader's Digest Complete Book of Needlework" :snerk:(it's not really complete...but it does have tatting and bobbin lace in it) has some decent instructions. I like Carrie's better, but RD helped me figure out how to attach the rings together. It has decent photos of finished rings, but no real explanations of chains.

Now, all that being said, I haven't mastered chains yet, just rings. Still, I figure rings would be harder, since you have to attach them - and chains are basically rings that you tat with a straight piece of string instead of a loop.

My next step is finding some decent pattern books and going to town. After I weave off the current warp...and finish the silk shawl(any hints on blocking handspun/handknit silk?). Knowing me, I'll ditch the 2 current projects and jump into this...:g: Oh, and attempting it with handspun...
Tags: knitting, shawl, tatting, weaving

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