January 13th, 2020

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Quick Update

This year has started with a bang. Himself asked for a hoodie for an upcoming (2/14) movie, so I got on the ball and have a "blue blur" hoodie almost finished. :lol: Pics when done - right now, it just looks sad. The fabric is on order for the yellow sidekick - Herself said she'd gladly wear it.

The order from Yourfleece.com came in - it's GREAT. Mid-weight fleece - that is in local stores for $9.00+/yard! - for $3.75/yard, with free shipping if over $36. It sews up nicely, with very little curl. I don't know how it'll wear, but from what I've seen so far, it's a winner.

I have 2 hoodies to do for me (Eevee and a shiny Charizard - why not? They're cute, fun, and not difficult to sew - might as well have some fun!), and 1 for Herself (Toy Bonnie. I'm thinking Birthday prezzie, here. :lol:) I need to find a source for decent, inexpensive sweatshirt fabric (in brown.) for a kigurumi (Eevee, again). I need something warm and casual for lounging around the house.

No resolutions this year. I am going to try to sew up as much of the backlog of fabric as I can, to help clean up my Studio. I'm working on decluttering the house - baby steps. I have to take it slow, because of my wrist (I spent too long in the Studio yesterday, and I'm feeling it this morning. :sigh: Still - need to get it done! Might skip today......we'll see.)

We survived the storms Friday evening, Thank G-d! We're still wet, but that's not too bad. The sirens went off, but everything missed us - it's the first time I've heard sirens out here. G-d is Good!

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