January 29th, 2020

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OK, so that happened....

Let's see. The Jeep has been acting up lately - it'll try to start, then "hang" and shake. We took it in last month, but of course the minute we got there, she straightened up and refused to show the mechanic what she was doing. She'd been running normally....until yesterday.

Yesterday we were at Thrallmart picking up bubble wrap*. I got back in, turned the key....and she did her thing. 10 or 12 times. She finally started, so Himself and I took her straight to the garage....where she promptly started like a good girl. :bangs head: We tried...for 30 minutes, but she was a perfect little angel. The owner told me I could leave her.....I didn't want to walk home, so I made an appointment to drop her off on Saturday. We got back in....and she acted up. Himself ran in, the owner came out, and she demonstrated. And totally confused all 3 mechanics, because it wasn't the starter - it was getting power. It wasn't the fuel pump, because it showered the guy lucky enough to check. :lol: They gave me a soccer mom van, and told me that they'd look at her.

I just picked her up....she wanted new spark plugs. :bangs head: At least it wasn't an expensive fix!

*We needed bubble wrap, because I had to send my embroidery machine in. Saturday I sat down to do a pair of eyes on a new hoodie. It did half of the first eye, and died. The icon said "overheat". OK. I let it sit for 10 minutes after the icon went away, and started it back up. 5 stitches later, same icon. Waited again for 10 minutes, wash, rinse repeat. I did a hard reboot (i.e. I turned it off, counted to 10, and turned it back on again.) Same thing.

Sunday morning, I tried again. This time it made it 10 stitches before dying. :sigh:

Fortunately, I had purchased the 3 year Protection Plan. Since I bought it 8/1/17.....Asurion kicked in. And promptly rejected my claim. I called in Monday AM and a supervisor approved it. I sent in the paperwork...and gee, because I used my cell number instead of the home number, it got kicked out. Again. Called back, got it straightened out, then got an email telling me to box it up and send it in for repairs. Sure. I hooped up the stabilizer, fleece, and water soluble on the other half of the unfinished piece, made sure there was a bobbin in the machine and thread on top, then wrapped the entire thing in almost 200' of bubble wrap. :lol: I did NOT include the USB stick, so....they'll have to figure it out. (They told me NOT to include any peripherals. I'm not really sure HOW they think they can recreate the problem without that specific file - I did try, on Sunday, to use quilting cotton and 1 of the pre-installed files. It died, started up, died, started up, and actually got 1/4 of the way thru before I stopped it and re-attached the hoodie.......where it promptly died after 2 stitches. :sigh: It's NOT the fabric - this is hoodie #4, in a row, using the same combo. Same thread in both bobbin and spool, too. And a new needle. And eye #3 of this file....so....I dunno what's going on.)

I'm kinda hoping they say Nope! Refund! because I'd kinda like to downgrade to a Brother. They have better reviews - but I'll be happy with a working machine. I'd like to get that hoodie out of the Studio....I have plans for other embellishments, now that I'm kinda, sorta, over my intimidation.

Also, in other news, the husband called me today, said his former boss (the electrician) called and offered him a job, what did I think? He already knew......so he said he's turning in his 2 weeks notice tonight. Yeah, we'll see. I hope he goes thru with it....I hate this job.

Oh! I listed my loom and all it's flotsam and jetsam. :sigh: The kids convinced me that if I can't weave (nope. Can't. Tried. Cried.) there's no reason to keep the books, yarn, warping reel, bobbin winder, bobbins, shuttles....:sigh: I AM keeping most of my handmade Bluster Bay shuttles, though - I just can't get rid of them. They were all custom made to order for me, most out of paduak, and BB is out of business now. :sob: I've had one nibble, but no one's wanted to come look, yet. I hope someone does - this loom needs to be used and loved!

Herself has a dress all cut out. We've done a muslin of the bodice, and it looks like it fits (maybe a titch big, but that can be easily fixed.) - she's excited and already planning her next 20+. :eye roll: I'm glad she's gung-ho, but......I'm tired of hearing all the plans. Aspie's get *intense*, yo. :lol:

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