February 21st, 2020

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It's the gift that keeps on giving....

So. Got the embroidery machine back, sans power cord, on Tuesday. I ordered a replacement from Amazon (after calling Asurian back...:sigh:); got it Wednesday. Called Asurian back on Wednesday, since no one had called me back....they told me that "there was no cord in the box when you sent it to us." Um.....no. There WAS a cord, because how else could they turn it on to try to fix it? I didn't assume they'd have a power cord compatible with an embroidery machine.....:bangs head:

Anyway. Didn't have to work today, so I headed to the Studio at 7:30 to start work on the husband's (secret) birthday gift. Decided to test the machine on cotton, instead of fleece, so hooped up fabric for a new holster bag - I wanted to test the embroidery file for the husband's present. It turned on just fine, the hoop moved into position, I threaded it up, went to thread the needle.....and the needle is Down.

OK. I went to turn the hand wheel...and the bloody thing is STUCK. It will NOT budge, no matter what I (or Himself) attempted. Asurian has broken my machine. They BLOODY BROKE MY MACHINE.

Himself offered another loan, so we headed out to the only store within 60 miles that carries Brother machines (as an authorized dealer, I mean). I've been looking at the PE-800 for a bit, so that's what I asked about.

"Oh. We don't carry....THAT model. That's ENTRY-Level. Most people get them, then trade them in. :sniff: (No, really! There was a very audible :sniff:) I'm going to show you - THIS machine will suit you." She led us to the Brother Innov-is NQ1600E.....and dropped the "We don't sell it for MSRP, we sell it for $2600. It's a *little* over your budget...." (I had made the mistake of telling her my budget was $1500. Thing is, the PE-800 is $599 on Amazon........keep this in mind, OK?)

"Um." I said. "I like the larger hoop, but I do NOT NEED TO SPEND $2600 on a machine." ~pause~ "Oh." she said. "Well, the closest thing we have to the PE-800 is the Innov-is NS-1150E. Let me get Our price for you!"

While she was walking off, I grabbed my phone, went to Brother's website, and did a comparison. Oh, look - the 1150e is almost the EXACT same model as the PE800.....it has 1 or 2 things that I DO NOT NEED OR WANT that the PE800 doesn't.....

Himself checked in, to make sure I wasn't going to bite. "No," I said. "Unless they offer me a price comparable to Amazon's....." The lady came back. "This is the lowest we can go. Now, understand, this includes the option to take classes and Floriani software -"

"Classes won't do me any good - we live 60 miles away. I have Embrilliance, so don't want or need any other software."

"Um." She said. "Let me go see something...."

At this point, the kids and I are plotting our escape. We should have moved faster. "OK. THIS is the lowest we can go for the 1150e....$1200."

"I need to think about this.......are you open tomorrow? Good. I'll go home and think......" and we fled into the parking lot.

Here's the thing. I DID go into the store with the intention of leaving with a machine in hand. I would PREFER to buy locally. However........when someone comes in with a product (and price!) in mind, that means that that's what they *want*. Do NOT try to force them to buy something more than 4x that price, even if their budget is more than that price, and certainly don't try to sell them a rebranded model at 2x the price.

If she had said, "oh, we don't carry that model - most people find they outgrow it too quickly - but I'll be happy to order it for you! Or maybe you'd like to see our lowest-end model - I think you'll probably outgrow it, too, but it's close to what you are looking for, and we have it in stock now, and - since you don't need the extras we offer, I can get the price down to almost what you found the other model for." - I would have walked out the door WITH a machine, or a receipt from her ordering in the one I wanted.

PLUS, she would have made a sale of thread/stabilizer/bobbins, because I am all about stocking up.

Instead, she lost a sale, and a customer. When we got home, I called a dealer I found online. Unfortunately, Brother won't allow them to sell to someone who is in another dealer's area.....so I went to Amazon and ordered the "entry level, will outgrow it soon" model (it'll be delivered on Monday - gotta love Prime!)

Brother lost the chance to upsell me, all because of a very pushy sales lady and a - quite frankly! - stupid policy. See, I'd looked at both of the more expensive machines online last night (because honestly? I'd already decided to trade in the Singer on a Brother, and had just about decided to go with the 1600e - I had found it online for $1600 (but I can't find the site again. Oh, well!) We will NOT be going back to that dealer, and since I gave her the home phone number, I won't be talking to them, either (we don't answer the home phone. :shrug: She wanted a number, she got a number. It's just not one I use.)

The new plan is to get Asurian to fix the Singer, then I'll either sell it on CL, or go take it to my favorite sewing machine repair man and see what he'll give me for it. That money will be spent on thread and stabilizer.

:sigh: Instead of embroidering this weekend, I'll be sewing up what I can. Wednesday I'm off again, so I'll put the Brother thru it's paces - hopefully it'll live up to it's reputation!

At least I have some sewing to do - I have the husband's gift, and a hoodie for me (Himself wants to go to see Sonic again, and wants me in a matching hoodie. So, I get to have an Amy hoodie. :lol:), then I have to hit pants and under things, none of which require embroidery. Wednesday I'll pick up where I left off today, and see how it does.

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