May 26th, 2020

me: portrait

Busy, busy, busy!

Let's see...

1. God is Good! I have decided to give up my iWatch (privacy concerns, among other things), so I dug out my old (old enough to be vintage!) wrist watch. It's one of the first Eco-drive (solar-powered) watches, and it's been in the dark for....15+ YEARS. :sigh: It was deader-than-dead; research said to put it in the light for at least a week to see if the capacitor would still work. 3 days of light, and 5 minutes under the dragon's UV bulb, and I have a working wristwatch!!!!!! God is, indeed good - I don't have to come up with the $$ for a new watch/repairs!

2. God is Good, part 2! - I have been reorganizing the Studio. I was stalled - I needed another Ikea Kallax, but Ikea is closed, the curbside pickup...well, Ikea's online ordering SUCKS. If you order for delivery, you pay 3x the amount of the purchase (on average! No, thanks!), and it looks like they take your money, cancel your order, and ignore you. :sigh: Trying to order for curbside matter what time of day I order, I get "we have exceeded our ordering numbers for today. Try again tomorrow!". Um. You should be able to take my money and let me PICK the day I want to pick up my order, thanks. :bangs head:

I've been watching CL......Friday evening I found a post for a *green* 2x4 Kallax, for $50. OK...I don't want green, but it's the ONLY 2x4 Kallax I've seen in weeks. Saturday AM I called - yes, it was available, yes, we can pick it up after 4. At 3 we loaded up and headed a house about 1 mile from Ikea. (The irony, it burns...) Turns out, it isn't green, it's *Teal*, and very very close to my slate blue (it's a little bit brighter, but it works). Sunday Himself came out to my Studio, and we swapped the white Kallax that was the ironing station for this one; the white one now holds my patterns. :happy dance:

3. The Studio is now 90% done. I have 2 hotspots - both back corners are messy, but I can't do much with them at the moment. (I simply don't have the room to move stuff around; the spinning wheels are stuck, and the big printer makes that area tight.) I am sewing up the fabric as fast as I can - that'll help one corner, the other.....if I can knit, I can knit down the yarn and spin up the fiber. Unfortunately, that's not an option right now. :big sigh: Anyway, I rearranged what I could, and have more space to move around it. It looks nice.....I'm calling it a win.

4. Himself has a new shirt! AND he likes it! It's a Hawaiian shirt, classic pattern, with "real" Hawaiian fabric. I'm happy - he's finally wearing a PRINT! He's happy - he has a nice, light, cool, well-fitting shirt.

5. State of the hand/wrist. Not good, but........getting maybe better? I've been trying to use it more - the kids want to do a family co-op in Star Wars Battlefront II (the EA one, not the classic.....although at least 3 of us have both classics......hmmmmmmm.) I'm slowly putting in time on the gaming rig - I have to use a controller instead of the keyboard, but at least I'm *playing*.

6. Saw a LOT of people out and about on Saturday, most of whom were mask-less. Looks like sanity is starting to be restored.......I'm glad. We were able to talk to one of our favorite cashiers at GameStop, which made us all happy.

And, NO - I don't "want grandma to die". If I did, I'd be pushing for more house arrest. The best thing for the elderly and immunocompromised among us is to get the herd immunity up as fast as possible - and Anti-Social distancing is a joke that really doesn't work. (Seriously - droplets from a sneeze travel over 20 feet...yet staying 6 feet apart is supposed to "help"? Who thought this shit up, anyway???? I mean, I know common sense is dead, but....seriously????)(And there's nothing SOCIAL about it - it's ANTI-social. Words have meanings.) You wanna wear a mask, be my guest. Feel free to keep a petri-dish on your face, bringing in all the germs into your home and releasing them at once when you remove the I'll stay mask-free, thankyouverymuch.

Gotta skitter - fabric is calling me.