June 16th, 2020

me: portrait

Whew! It's been busy!

and HOT!

So. A couple of weeks ago, Himself and I were out walking. I saw a pile of something on the side of the road - we have a lot of illegal dumpers out here - so we slowed down to take a look. It was a pile of granite cut-offs; they were about 1/2" thick, and there were a TON of them. I took a pic and texted it to the husband with the caption "I can use these as a path?"

He called and said "Yes. We'll pick them up when I get home."

Turns out, there was enough there to fill the truck bed up to about the half-way point. :blink:

Two days later, he stopped at the local new construction home division, and got permission to clear out some of the brick debris pile........despite being photographed and reported by a resident, we came home with 2 truck loads of broken brick and Austin stone. I mean, I GET it, we were picking up bricks...but I deliberately wore my loudest and brightest tie-dyed shirt, we were gathering them IN THE MORNING, in daylight, and we weren't trying to hide - we had permission!! :sheesh!: Guess the lack of face diapers made us suspicious. :shrug:

Anyway. We currently have a path from the back porch to my Studio outlined in brick. We filled it in with cushion....dirt (old compost from the buck barn), and will be placing the granite in the next few days. Our only expense (besides gas and sweat) is $12 for the Liquid Nails (holding the bricks together in bunches of 6 or so) and $7 for the landscaping fabric. Not to bad!

In the Studio - current project is a new set of shorty overalls for me. Fabric is from IKEA, of all places! I have the front done, just need to get the back sewn up and the whole shebang assembled. Then it's another shirt for Himself, and on to shorts for me.

Not a lot else to report.
oh! A hen hatched out 5 chicks; they're currently in Herself's Studio. Fun times!