July 1st, 2020

me: portrait

Happy July!

It's been......hot, lately. And weird. Mask orders are back, but very few people care. It's just too damn HOT, for one thing. For another.......all the orders read something along the lines of "wear masks IF you can't stay 6' apart". Yeah. Whatever. :rolls eyes: Plus, you can claim a medical exemption without any proof....so.....yeah. CYA, much? People are pretty much DONE, out here.

We've been busy. Show, don't tell, am I right? :lol:



This is my new path to the Studio. Total cost - $52, give or take a few. I think I want another $20 worth of gravel, so grand total will be $72, or so. Not bad for a pathway, huh?

Next up: Himself and I NEED to get the new dragon cage built. The plywood is cut, we just need to get out there and DO it. Then we need to get the drywall up in my Studio...the eaves were never finished, and it's really bugging me. We have the insulation and drywall, it just needs to be done. :sigh:

In the Studio: working on a gauze top. I finally got my Nani Iro double gauze......I started a Jules in a plain gauze, to test the sleeves, but I'm thinking it's too "fussy" for the Nani Iro. I'm looking at a Scroop Pattern for it....the Henrietta Marie blouse. I need to think a bit more - I'm not sure the pleats at the neck aren't too fussy. :shrug: We'll see. It's not like I don't need a few more cool, breezy tops for the heat that is coming. (It's already in the 90s, here - I am SO not looking forward to August......)

ALSO, LJ is denying DW from crossposting - apparently since 5/4. I don't check LJ much, so I didn't catch it until now. I manually copied over my DW posts for posterity.