May 11th, 2021

me: portrait

April Showers bring...

May thunderstorms. Or something like that. :lol:

No photos this month, because my April socks consist of one (1) sock and a partial leg. :sigh: I have a GOOD reason, though! We are demolishing a barn 2 towns over - the owner posted an ad on CraigsList for free tin. Since I have goats that think barn destruction is a sport.......yeah. I NEED tin. (Plus I need a Honk Hotel...the geese aren't getting any smaller!) (Although we did lose 1 to the dreaded bobcat. :sigh: The fledgling area is now wired on top, and I left a present for the cat in it's feeding area. I have NO remorse - my neighbor reported that his neighbor got cornered on her porch by the bloody thing, so....yeah.)

Anyway. A 30' x 60' barn, built in the 1930s or '40s. I've gotten enough tin so far to rebuild the "love shack" (the breeding shed) - which is now a small pile of rubble - and the buck barn. Maybe enough to rebuild the hay barn (both buck and hay barns are going to be moved; the current spot will become the Goose Garden. :lol:). I *think* I have enough for the hay barn, too - but there's still a lot to pull down. Fun, but exhausting times!

I haven't spent my down time just sitting, though. I just finished bra #6 for me; with the 3 I've done for Herself - wait, 4; the first didn't fit AT ALL - and the 1 for Mom, that makes 11 bras in 2 weeks. :blink: We all need them, though.....

IF you want to start sewing your own, take my advice - buy a kit for the first 1 or 2, to figure out the fabrics, then get thee to Fabric Depot post haste. I picked up a value pack of their medium-to-heavy weight powernet ($35; there's $90 worth of fabric!)(granted, you get a mix of colors - I finally have NON-white bras! :lol:), a yard of tricot, and....something else, for about $100. They also have great prices on elastics (by-the-yard) and rings and sliders. If you don't mind Aliexpress, you can get a 50 pack of closures for $15-ish - since most kits run about $30, you'll be saving a TON.

Also, I found out that the finding kits I have can be dyed with my wool acid dyes (even the rings and sliders!). :lol: I have PLANS, y'all! (I already made a Valentine's bra (red findings, white cups, red lace, white frame and back)and I just finished a Tuxedo bra (black frame and back (value pack), white cups and lace and findings)...and I have a Chocolate and Cherries set almost ready to sew (brown powernet (from the value pack), red cups, red lace and red findings). The tricot cups and lace dye pastel with acid dyes, but Rit now has "dye everything" bottles that, well, dye everything. :lol: I hate Rit, but......a little goes a long way.

The husband was laid off mid-March, so I've been dealing with a grumpy jerk (sorry not sorry) for the past 6 weeks. The barn demolition is helping....sorta...but STILL. :sigh: Himself is trying to balance the scales by being super-guy; he's been baking more, and he's about to build me a firewood rack. (He helped knock the love shack down, and helped me run fence for the does Sunday. If it would quit raining for more than a day or 2, we'd be working on the new and improved love shack.....:big sigh:)

I need to rest my wrist - I kinda overdid it today. I *really* wanted to get that blasted bra finished......the lace was a pain. Basting spray is wonderful, but.....:sigh: