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Oh. My.

Well....perhaps you remember about a month or so ago we purchased a new Christmas tree. It's tradition in our household to put the tree up and decorate it on the weekend closest to my birthday (and, for the record - it ain't Christmas season yet. It's ADVENT, a time of preparation. Christmas season doesn't start until CHRISTMAS DAY, and runs 12 days until Epiphany. *ahem*)....but, because of the newness of this tree we decided to set it up last night.

Holy Mary Mother of G*d, that thing's HUGE. I mean, yah - it's 9' tall. I had no idea 9' was THAT tall (I have a 10' ceiling in the living room). It's also very real-looking - it's got pinecones and everything. :blink: Makes my old 6' tree look teeny...and fake. :g:

J. will be stringing what lights we have tonight....we might have to run out and get a few more strands, though (have I mentioned this tree is huge?)...and we'll decorate it on Saturday. I *think* I have enough ornaments...if not, Dollar Store has glass ones at 3/$1. Plus, I can tat some more "snowflakes". :g:

I actually wove 4 picks last night, and had my first broken warp thread. Easy to fix - let's hope it's the only one!
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