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Update - whee!

Let's see.....woven shawl is FINISHED, but still on the loom. I might just leave it there until after Christmas - not sure I want an empty loom when the family is all over, but we'll see. I washed the dishtowels I wove...way back in the dark ages, but still need to separate them and hem them - they're prezzies, so I need to get on the stick with that.

The knitted silk shawl is *still* on the needles. I need to just DO it - there's not a whole lot of yarn left, and the faster I knit the faster it'll be done. Tatting kinda drug me away from the needles, but I gotta get back to them. I also need to get back on J's socks.....:blushing:

Finished 1 batch of goats milk soap; will make some shea butter soap tonight, I think. I only ended up with 7 bars of the goats milk, so I need *more*.

Wrapped a few presents last night, have a ton to go. This year, surprisingly, I bought most of 'em (wow. Who'd'a thought you could *buy* presents?) It's not that I don't care, but honestly - most of my family is too into possessions to really appreciate handmade gifts. That's ok - more dishtowels and soap for *me*! Why waste it on the unappreciative?

Finished my very first tatted snowflake - the pattern calls for 2 more "rounds", but it looks cool as is, so I declared it good enough. Pictures will be forthcoming, soon as I find the camera (I've said that a lot lately...hmmmmm.)

Got earrings for my b-day - Himself gave me 5 pairs of "diamond" studs, Herself gave me a pair of green cat's eye dangles and a tiger-eye heart necklace, J. gave me a pair of blue chandilier earrings (plus all the loot on Saturday.) Today it's diamonds and tigereye necklace..tomorrow, who knows....probably the catseye, to keep jealousy issues down. :grin:

Hair: LHC is having problems, so you get it here first. :smile: I got some of Moonchaser's SS Oil yesterday, and immediately applied it. I bought the coconut oil version with cayenne pepper :bigeyes: Oof! My scalp tingled all night. Here's hoping it works!

My hair looks like it's getting thicker - I have no idea if it's the extra vitamins, the cocnut oil, the scalp massages, or what, but I'll take what I can get! I have a lot of short hairs from nape down to about 2", and more around the crown of my head. :surprise: No complaints - I just wish I knew what was causing it, so I could increase it! :lol:

It's up in a modified fig. 8 bun today, held by my silver Crafty Celts fork. Quick, pretty, and stable. Here's hoping it lasts all day!
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