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Bonus information came out - not as great as I wanted (I'm greedy), but better than last year's, so all is good. I can pay taxes, put a little into savings, and buy something (cheaply) frivolous.

Hair: back to BSL. Looks good. The SS Oil didn't tingle last night, but it smells nice and I plan to keep on using it until I run out. There's been a lot of good feedback on it,'s hoping.

Himself has a dental appointment tomorrow....should be fun. NOT. Poor baby needs 2 teeth extracted and 8 filled. *ouch*

Herself is doing better. Her hair is finally right at shoulder-length again, and the curls are back. It finally looks like hair again!

Nothing much else to report...except I'm not sure I like the update page. Blah.
Tags: blather, hair, kids

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