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Update-y time

Been a, here's a huge update-y thing. Grab a drink and prepare to be bored! :grin:

Friday: Took Himself to the Dentist. Bear in mind that this is "Dentistry for Children"; pediatrics are their speciality. He's 6. Never been to a real dental appointment before. He's got 2 broken baby teeth that have to be extracted, and quite a few that need to be filled/crowned. (Well - the dentist wanted to crown them. *I* wanted them filled. More on that later)

So, we mosey in for his 10:40 appt. I brought J. - he's big, he's in all black, and he's menacing looking. *heh* He positions himself near the dental chair and broods......all well and good, yes? Well, maybe....

Dentist comes in. She's a little petite thing. First thing out of her mouth - "We'll put a crown on *this* tooth and take out *that* one, OK?" J. says "No. You'll FILL that tooth. No crowns on baby teeth that will fall out shortly anyway." Short discussion occurs.....she finally says "well, if the tooth can be filled I will...otherwise - " "There IS no otherwise." Me? I'm over in the corner smirking and knitting.

Bear in mind that Himself was in the chair scared to death. I'm trying to keep him calm, but Ms. Idiot is *IGNORING* him. :sigh:

So, the tooth gets filled. Dentist NEVER explained to him exactly what she was doing, or what all the weirdly-shaped tools were for. *I* was doing a running commentary, with deeper explanations by J. At this point, he's had 6 novacain shots, and a continuous blast of laughing gas...he's feeling OK, a little scared, still, but OK.

She proceeds to leave - with no explanation - and when she comes back she has a fist full of metal implements that she proceeds to examine OVER HIS HEAD, without telling him what they are for, or what she's about to do. Needless to say, he freaked the f**k right out, and started crying.

Idiot lady quit. Just...quit. I had gotten him calmed down, explained what she was going to do, what he would feel, and she just said "Nope. I don't (wait for it...) WANT TO TRAUMATIZE HIM."


J. got pissed. (So did I, but I had my hands full of scared 6 year old). She handed us a referral to an oral surgeon, and walked out.

-----skip a few minutes of unnecessary verbiage with the receptionist at Dentistry for Children ---

We head to the surgeon. We walk in, J. says "We were referred to you. We will NOT come in next week for a consultation only to have to come back AGAIN later. We will consult NOW, and come in next week (week of Christmas) to have the teeth removed."

This receptionist was the nicest thing. She took 1 look at Himself, who is still woozy from all the gas and is drooling from the novacaine, and said "Sure thing. Fill this out, pick a day, bring x-rays!" So, we set it up for Dec. 27.

I am NOT Happy....he is going to get an IV, and it's going to be major stuff. What was this about traumatizing my baby????

ANYWAY.......J. is happy. We get back in the car, and go back to the (stupid) pediatric dentist. Himself and I were forced to remain in the car....I do NOT know what was said, but I asked if we could go back there for the other fillings....and got a wolfish grin and a "NOPE".

The upshot: $150 for 1 filling. The oral surgery - estimated cost $1K. :sigh: Yippee. Thank goodness bonuses come out tomorrow...even if it is already spent. :bigger sigh:

Saturday: Himself's Godmother and husband came over with their little boy. Himself gave him the rest of his Bob the Builder stuff, and we all had fun. Baby is at that cute stage - everything was funny, or interesting, and it was sweet to watch him try to open and close the entertainment center's doors.

After they left, we worked on Christmas prezzies, and then went to Dollar store, where I hit my head on a shelf (OUCH!).

Sunday: Christmas play at church. Title this year was "Away from the Manger" and it went off really well. Highlights included: rubber chicken hitting a male guest on the head, piggy squishing snot out of his (fake) nose during the musical number, and the congregation going nuts over the animal costumes. The in-laws came, and loved every minute of it. :grin:

My mother came over in the afternoon with a birthday cake and supper. It was a good day.

All in all, it was a very busy weekend. Christmas is next week, and we are NOWHERE near ready, but oh, well. At least I have next week's already pretty full, what with Christmas and the dentist and all. :sigh:
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