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First off, thanks for the nice words about J. He IS a wonderful guy, and I think I'll be keeping him. :grin:

I have the crud. Of course I do - it's Christmas, we have church tonight (I'm supposed to sing), church tomorrow (ditto), and Christmas lunch Monday at MY house. I can't breathe, and I certainly can't sing. :sigh:

Today was bakebakebake day - 3 batches of cookies down so far, 1 pan of brownies, 1 set of muffins, and a batch of scones to go (unless my mother didn't do the which case I'll need to do *that*, too). Tomorrow is lasagna-a-roma...I have to start the sauce before church so it can simmer at least 8 hours, then assemble it (I've already got all the veggies chopped, except for the garlic. I'll do that in the morning). I'll cook it Monday. I also have to bake at least 3 loaves of bread.....and decorate the sugar cookies that are currently cooling. Fun stuff!

Himself's tooth extraction is still on for Wednesday. Wave 'em if you got 'em - I don't like the thought of an IV, or the thought that he'll be under...but they gotta come out, and this is the best way to do it. :sigh: I'll be a basket case, I'm sure.

Think I need a nap now.......
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