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'Twas the night before Christmas...

and the baking was done. 3 types of cookies, 3 loaves of bread, cinnamon-raisin scones, *20* pounds of lasagne....I am bushed! All that's left is to actually *cook* the lasagne, but that needs to be done tomorrow right before lunch.

I don't think everyone will come - but that's OK. We found out last night that our Pastor may not be doing anything for J. invited him. *If* they come, that's 5 more (if they bring the grandkids) the 4 that I think won't be here will be made up for with them. If everybody does show, then 5 more really won't matter - the lasagne will definately feed everyone, as will the salad, desserts (did I mention that my mother and MIL are bringing food as well? No? Sorry...)and bread. Should be fun!

Kids are in the tub....soon will be in bed, and Santa will be making an appearance. Can't wait......setting up the telescope is going to be a PITA. Glad J.'s here to do *that*. :grin:

Well, my break's over - gotta go clear off the table and get it ready for tomorrow.
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