Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Goodbye 2006 - don't let the door hit ya..

on the way out.

Actually, '06 wasn't that bad....just parts of it. I did get remarried (good...most of the time), the kids have grown and matured (ummm, yeah - pretty much), the animals are all happy (especially at feeding time), and the house/cars/electronics are all buzzing along.

Or were....until NYE. See, I have a breadmaker. I use it all the time. At least once a week - usually twice. It's a life-saver - I *hate* commercial bread; it tastes funny and it's full of things I can't pronounce, and I don't want my kids eating stuff I can't spell. (*I* don't eat bread, as a rule, but the kids and husband do.)

Or, I should say I HAD a breadmaker. *sigh*

SO, I set it up Sunday afternoon for the Sunday morning cinnamon rolls. I have always, since we've been in this house, set it up on the porcelain cooktop - it's the only area in the kitchen that's convienent for the whole process. I've never had a problem..until now.

It seems that the local gremlin decided that the breadmaker wasn't reaching the proper temp, and *turned*on*the*burners* underneath it. I didn't notice anything until right when the bread was done - the smell of fresh sweet bread dough hid the smell of scorching plastic and electrical wires. *sigh*

So, J. fixed the wiring, checked it out, and deemed it OK for use. I set it up again yesterday afternoon...and hit Start.

Ugh. The sound! Heavy, rasping, thunking......and the smell! Burnt plastic, hot metal, and a strange oily scent rapidly filled the kitchen......I pulled the plug, transferred the ingredients to my stand mixer, and called for help.

It seems that not only did I scorch the cord, I also melted the interior gears on the motor..the ones that make the paddle go 'round. *sigh*

They don't make this model anymore (the Breadman Ultimate..mine was about 5 Years old); you can't get the interior parts, and....I don't really want to try and pick up one on eBay. There were a few listed (some as "NEW! In Box!") but when you go check, they're all closeouts/liquidations/scratch-n-dents. If I only used it occasionally, I wouldn't mind....but I use it a lot. I don't want to pay $100 for one that has no customer support, no parts, and nothing past the 1 year guarantee.

J. grumbled, but told me to order a new one. I have been eyeing the Zojirushi X-20 for a while now - ever since King Arthur Flour began carrying them - but couldn't justify the price when I had perfectly good machine. Heh - this gives me the perfect excuse!

Plus...Amazon has a $25 off coupon right now (all housewears - code CLEAROUT if you're interested.) that's good thru 01/31/07. That, plus the free shipping...brought it in under the $200 limit he put on me. OK, so I won't get it for probably 2 weeks....I can live with that. I think. I hope.....:grin:

Yeah, I said I'd put all the hair stuff on my LHC journal...but what the hell. I measured it this AM, and it's up to 23.5", a gain of .5" for December. The red (from the peach-cassia experiment) has just about faded, but the overall condition of my hair has improved quite a bit since this summer when I discovered LHC. I'm happy with it, anyway.

I just ordered a *beautiful* hair toy from a fellow LJ-er. It'll be a bit before she gets to it - she's got a con coming up - but I'll post pics when I get it. It's silver and pearls; a bun-cover type thing, and the original one she posted is GORGEOUS. (A pic is on the Longhair comm right now if you want to hunt for it. :grin:) I can't wait to get it!

Well, I didn't do too well with last year's goal (clean the studio) - it WAS clean...for about 2 I'll restate that one. J. claims I will have a new studio by this summer; if so, it'll be clean by default because I will organize the stuff as I move it. :grin:

That's it for now....hope everyone has a great 2007!
Tags: blather, hair

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