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Good Mail day!

Whee! Just got a box from Mr. Postman - my warping reel is here! :bounce:bounce:

The coolest thing? It's a Harrisville vertical reel, *brand*spanking*new*, still in the original, unopened box, and I got it for less than 1/2 what they list for. :blink: I think it's a 20 yard reel...which is way cool - I don't think I'll ever do anything longer than that.

You may remember that I had a horizontal reel last year...yes, I loved it. Yes, it sped up my warping procedure....but it was *so*frikking*huge* that I couldn't use it easily. It was a pretty easy decision to sell it.....but I missed it. A warping board is great - especially for short(ish) warps - but it's a lot more time consuming.

Soon as the Christmas stuff is put up, I'll set this baby up and go to town. I need more dishtowels....*this* warp will be simple, mindless weaving. Fast, easy, wonderful finished product. :grin:

Oh, and I've been PM'ing a lady on LHC that has used the MM Marigold Blonde henna blend - her hair is slightly lighter than mine; she's done 5 treatments, and has seen NO color change. :bounce: Good news, this! Soon as my order gets here, I will do a strand test, then go to town.
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