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Blather and LHC

OK, first off: To any on my FL that can't get into the LHC due to the hackers, even after trying the "back door" - try changing internet providers and see if that works. My main account is AOL (yeah, yeah, I *know*, but it was the 1st service I ever signed up for, it's familiar, and *everybody* has my AOL contact. I don't do change very well it won't let me in, but I switched to my earthlink account (DSL...I didn't want to add another e-mail to my brain, but hey - I'm glad I did!), and earthlink will.

ANYWAY...yesterday J. and I headed out to the cabin (his place) to put up a sherrif-mandated fence (don't ask. Just....Don't. We have 3 more weeks to get it done.) On the way, we pass a little town called Lindale.....which is home to the closest REAL yarn store to me, Rosepath Weaving. Yes, we stopped. And yes, we shopped. I didn't *quite* live up to my name...but it's not because of lack of items in the shop.

The shop is small (hey - I cut my weaving teeth at the weaver's Mecca, the late, long-lamented Woolenworks in McKinney. Over 3,000 sf on the bottom floor FULL of mill end cones, raw fiber, ready-to-spin fiber, equipment...the 2nd floor was the classroom space. True Heaven for the fiber-addict in you.); maybe 800 sf. It's packed with yarn......some fiber (not anywhere near enough, but...) and knitting supplies. A few looms, 2 - maybe 3 - spinning wheels. Books and magazines. Wonderful people (of course - they're fiber people!).

My only beef (well, 2) is that the yarns are sort of scattered. The sock yarns are together, but there were some in baskets (you have to paw thru it to find stuff, which mixes it up and makes it harder for the next sock-aholic) and some in bins...and they were just sort of there. The LL was in the same bin as....Claudia's? someone's handpainted stuff. The Wildfoote was smushed in behind the books, and the Opal was front and center. (I'm not complaining, per se, but it could be a little more....I dunno. Organized isn't the word I'm looking for here). The weaving yarns were pretty much all together, but the sale stuff was...not much (unless the yarn behind the looms was for sale, and not for classes. I didn't ask). On the other side of the sock yarn was...novelty stuff, and knitting needles, and the table for knitters to hang out at. Some of the bulky stuff was near the weaving yarns (yes, you can weave with it, too, but it's marked for knitting.)

The fiber.......I would do it differently. It's scattered all over. Some was over with the weaving stuff, some was by itself (the cotton/scoured wool was over by the computer....away from everything else.) There was solid-colored multi-roving back in the area behind the spinning wheel....I didn't even know they *had* wool there until I happened to glance at the Kromski wheel on display to see the price. (What it is, you come in and on your left RIGHT at the door is the wheels. There is a shelving unit there with spinning accessories sort of....tossed there. It's hard to see what's on the shelf because of all the stuff, and you don't (or I didn't) notice that there is an area behind the shelf with more stuff.) The spinning accessories are hard to get to - there are wool combs there, so you don't want to just dive in.

Me? I reorganize that area by the door, and get all the fiber and spinning equipment together in a way that you could see what was there. With the fiber scattered, you can't see what's what, you can't comparison shop, and...I *know* I would have bought more if I'd seen it before I hit my self-imposed price limit. (I didn't even *notice* the scoured wool until I had already handed the lady our credit card.

Now - the important stuff :grin: - the haul. I came away with:

1 pound of lovely grey corridale roving
1 pound + of gorgeous blue/purple/grey-ish mixed wool roving (I think it has mohair in it, as well)
1 sampler pack of "luxery" fibers - 1 oz each of bamboo, soy silk (2 colors) and tencel
1 partial cone (in between 8 oz and 1 pound, I think) of 8/2 cotton in Fiesta colors (dishtowels, anyone?)
2 skeins Lorna's Laces shephard sock in "Tuscany"
1 skein Brown Sheep Burly spun in "Forest Floor" (should be *barely* spun)
"This is how I go when I go like This" by Linda Ligon
and 1 copy of Handwoven magazine (2 or 3 issues's in the other room)

We headed out so J. could work on the fence, and I destroyed my silk shawl. *sigh* Somehow, I screwed up and worked a few pattern repeats on the wrong side; when I tinked back, I dropped 2 stitches and can't see how to pick them back up again. They dropped...3 or 4 rows to where they were added, and I'm just not seeing how to correct it. *big sigh* So f'ng close to the end, too! :cries: I'm letting it rest for a few days while I try to figure it out.

Got home late late....we were in a friend's truck. It needs work, according to the friend...what it actually needs is Last Rites and a hasty burial.

Today, I CO the Burlyspun for a present, and am almost done with it (hey - sz 13 needles, what can I say?). I am also testing the new breadmaker - so far, so good. I needed something mindless while I consider how to salvage this shawl.
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